Safe Drinking Water is Essential for Good Health

When you use water from the faucet, you assume that the water is safe. Safe for drinking. Safe for cleaning. Safe for bathing. Public health activities assure that the water you utilize in cities is safe.  For those with private water wells, it is up to you to assure that the water you consume is safe.

Proper well construction and continued maintenance are keys to the safety of your water supply. The well should be located so rainwater flows away from it. Rainwater can pick up harmful bacteria and chemicals on the land’s surface. If this water pools near your well, it can seep into it and potentially cause health problems.

To keep your well safe, be aware if any possible sources of contamination are nearby. Possible sources of contamination could be:

The following are tips from the EPA for keeping your well safe.


The United State Enviromental Protection Agency fact sheet "What to Do After a Flood",