Walk to Health 2017 Winners Announced

Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department’s 13th annual Walk to Health walking program was recently completed. The program lasted for 12 weeks and included 350 residents of all ages in the SWNPHD nine-county service area. Each participant that completed the program received a free t-shirt.

We are pleased to announce our top performers and teams for Walk to Health. Excellent results were achieved by these motivated participants: 177,274,653 steps walked through Walk to Health. Vike Francis (Dundy County) took the Million Step Challenge to a new level, reaching 2,003,225 steps and achieving first place in the Walk to Health program. His mother, Chris McAfoos (Dundy County) challenged him with a total of 1,907,979.

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The individual leaderboard had outstanding results:

3) Gail Dinnel - 1,817,002 - Chase County
4) Lana Stewart - 1,752,156 - Red Willow County
5) Bill Burton - 1,749,779 - Red Willow County
6) Theresa Eschliman - 1,723,389 - Red Willow County
7)Staci Blomstedt - 1,663,582 - Red Willow County
8)Lori Schmidt - 1,639,957 - Red Willow County
9) Jamie Payton - 1,582,690 - Red Willow County
10) Trent Spady - 1,529,365 - Chase County

Team results were equally impressive with Movers and Shakers averaging 1,490,002 steps. Team members are Nancy Corey, Jamie Payton and Mary Payton (Red Willow County). 2nd place went to multi-year team winners ADH Photography, Adrianna Gass and Patricia Hagan (Red Willow County) with an average of 1,423,622. 3rd place team was Too Hot to Trot with members: Shannon and Harry Sughroue, Emily Zipperlen, Michelle Dickes, Darcy Rouse and Caitlyn Smith (Red Willow County).

The weight loss challenge was based on percentage instead of pounds for this year. Congratulations to top winners Deb Reitz (Red Willow County), 2nd place Adriann Smith (Red Willlow County) and 3rd place Kate Vrbka (Chase County).

Sarah Wolford, Community Hospital Wellness Coordinator partnered with SWNPHD to give Walk to Health its own website for registration and let participants log into their own tracking system. A grant from Community Hospital Health Foundation covered the cost of the portal.

Community Hospital also offer a gift to every member of the Million Step Club. Congratulations to the 61 participants that walked over a million steps in 12 weeks.

SWNPHD utilizes Healthy People 2020 national goals for the Walk to Health program, which is to increase the proportion of adults who engage in aerobic physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week. We hope to inform, educate and empower the residents of southwest Nebraska about the positive outcomes of physical activity. This is just one of SWNPHD’s efforts to reduce cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke.